2 for 1

(don’t tell my wife I’m writing on this)

Can you believe how lucky a guy can get?

I’m looking under the kitchen sink where I’ve strategically placed a mouse trap.

It’s upside down which means I got one. I pick it up and two mice are dead on arrival, heads pinned beneath the trap, noses wedged into a glomp of peanut butter which they will never taste.

What are the chances that, in the instant the trap explodes, two of my wife’s enemies will be caught? I’ve never had it happen and I’ve been catching mice since before my ant vs. the magnifying glass days.

Here’s the sales thought – sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes you close a sale unexpectedly. Sometimes, out of the blue, a sale falls into your lap.

For all the skills and strategies and activity you build into your selling life, there is that element of chance that grants you a wish, a taste of peanut butter. That same element of chance can snatch away a sure sale when a low-ball offer sinks you or someone changes their mind or a hot prospect dies.

So just rejoice in your good fortune, when it smiles on you. Think of all the hard work you’ve put into your career and how many times you wanted a happy ending. It happened today and you caught yourself a real live new customer. Today you deserve it.

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