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World Cup Ending

Friday, July 14th, 2006

“It’s a crazy mix of emotions. You feel elated to have won the World Cup, but also terrified because we were supposed to throw the final match against France, so now we’ll probably all be killed by the Italian mafia.” Gennaro Gattuso, Italy midfielder, on winning the World Cup

(from – a hilarious sports spoof site)

What do you do to sabotage your sales success?

Are you honest with assessing your shortcomings and strengths?

Do you need sales training, but think you can’t afford it? Most smart sales pros realize they can’t afford to not get trained.

Ask others close to you about where you could improve, then make the move.

Don’t throw away your shot at success by sabotaging your performance at this time in your selling career.

World Cup – enough!

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Prankster’s balls of concrete

German police are hunting a ‘prankster’ who has been filling footballs (that is, soccer balls to Americans) with concrete.

The footballs have been left around Berlin with signs saying: “Can you kick it?”

Six of the concrete stuffed footballs have been found so far, all chained to fences.

A spokesman for the Berlin police said: “So far two young men, a 21-year-old and a 23-year-old, have been treated for injuries to their feet after kicking the footballs.

“We think they could have been left by someone who is sick of the World Cup and are investigating the matter as the balls seem to be deliberately designed to injure.”

Memory time, salespeople – what is the biggest surprise you had when going into sales?

How complex selling really is? How much work is involved to attain success? How organized you have to be in your time management?

For me it was how hard it was to talk to people one on one. You’re eye to eye with someone who is deciding whether to give you money. When you’re young, that’s just a lot of weight on your mind.

Look back into your selling past and see how far you’ve come. Now, how far can you go from where you are today?

The Cat Died

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

My daughter runs in crying, “Daddy, Dadddy. Fluffy is dead! Fluffy is dead!”

I said, “Honey, don’t cry. Fluffy has gone to heaven to be with God.”

She frowns at me and says, “What would God want to do with a dead cat?”

A sales reps could be thinking right now, “What dead weight could I shed in my selling life?”

Is it activities that are not bearing fruit? How about old techniques that no longer work?

Or what of the biggest drag on salespeople today – negative relationships that don’t build you up.

Bury bad activities, strategies and mostly bad thinking, even if it means saying goodbye to people who are negative influences on your heart and head.

This will then set you on a better path to attaining sales heaven.

More World Cup-related News

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

World’s smallest football pitch
German scientists have created the world’s smallest football pitch using nanotechnology.

Physicists from Kaiserslautern University created the 500 by 380 nanometres field, which has all the details and markings of a real pitch.

The nano-pitch is so small that 20,000 of them could be put onto the tip of a single human hair.It can only be viewed using a powerful electron microscope.

Nice to know that science is spending it’s time, energy and money improving the human condition.

Take a brief microscopic view of your sales career. Are you attending to the tiny pieces of the sales puzzle that add up to success?

What little things might you improve upon? Specific language to use selling on the phone or face-to-face? Better time managment? What is it that the mad scientist in you can tweak, in order to better your performance on the sales field?

World Cup Followup

Monday, July 10th, 2006

Micro chips and soccer stars…

Manchester United players could be fitted with microchips so their movements on the pitch can be scrutinized.

However, players are not keen as they are concerned that their off the pitch activities could also be monitored.

A device would be injected under the players’ skin. Then satellites would plot exactly where they run during a game. When the data is downloaded onto computers it will help boss Alex Ferguson fine-tune tactics and training.

Hey selling pros – get used to the daily changes in technology that impact our lives during sales competitions.

What new devices can you adapt to increase performance – generating leads, increasing communications and tracking current clients?

Let us know what you’re using to help you sell more, and more often?

Steal Office Supplies

Friday, July 7th, 2006

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Young workers in the United States are twice as likely as older colleagues to steal office supplies for home use without thinking it is wrong, a new study says.

And all those missing paper clips and pens add up to more than $50 billion a year.

One in five workers age 18 to 24 did not feel it was wrong to take home office supplies, said the Spherion Workplace Snapshot, an online survey.

Time for a tough question;

Are you completely honest in your selling life?

Or do you steal from your company, yourself, or your prospects?

Just take time itself as an example. Giving all your available time means you exhibit integrity. Stealing time (a harsh term for simply wasting available resources) means you’re not totally honest.

Office supplies are the tip of the integrity iceberg.

So don’t steal anything – from your boss, marketplace or career.

Pour Water on his Head

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I called a friend whose kids are close to my kids.

Her six-year old Lane answers the phone, “Can I help you?”

I know that her eight-year old brother sleeps late. So I tell the little girl, “Lane, I want you to fill a glass with water and go into Nolan’s bedroom and pour it on his head.” She has no idea who I am.

“Okay.” The little voice answers.

I repeat my instructions again, adding I’ll call back in a few minutes to see that she’s done as she’s been told.

Three minutes later she answers the phone and I hear laughter. The whole family is expecting this followup call (except Nolan who is asleep).

Evidently mom asked Lane who was on the phone and why she was filling a water glass.

The little girl told her what happened and mom removed the liquid weapon from her daughter’s hands.

Mom got on the phone and said, “Dan, is that you?” Isn’t it nice when your reputation precedes you? Mom has a great sense of humor and wasn’t at all angry.

Who do you take orders from as an entrepreneur or salesperson?

There might be managers above your head, but I hope you also take orders from your heart.

Your heart encourages you to sell with integrity. It prods you to give 100% to your job, because that’s the best way to maximize your potential. Your heart also knows how to best respond to tough prospects and good clients.

Stop doing all your thinking with your head and start again to take orders from your heart.

SkySails & Faster Sales

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

A company called SkySails is experimenting with giant inflatable kites to pull ships across the sea. The idea is not to replace the engine but to use wind power to supplement the engine when the wind is blowing strongly in the right direction. Ref: New Scientist (UK)

Where can you increase efficiency in your selling life?

Is it by buying better tools? Planning your day more effectively? Simply deciding to pay more attention to selling during selling time (when you have access to buyers), rather than doing paperwork or non-revenue generating activities?

An efficient selling pro sails faster to his or her destination – the close – without falling off the ends of the earth.

You know you’re in Trouble…

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

You know you’re in trouble when you go to the airline desk to complain about losing your luggage and the guy behind the counter is wearing your clothes.

Travel question for you sales reps and entrepreneurs – how efficient are you at planning your trips?

It’s expensive to hit the road today, so are you thinking of every possible activity to tie into that appointment?

For example, when I fly out around the country to speak, I bring extra copies of my Sales Comic Book and Revenge of the Reps video game. I give them to the Director of Sales at the hotel where I’m staying.

I also look for other companies with events at the same property to give them my promotional gifts as well.

Additionally, I invite other local contacts to come see me perform, it could lead to more business.

So next time you begin planning a trip – by air or car (or boat, if you’re that fortunate), think of all the ways you can spin that time into some guerrilla marketing efforts.

That’s smart sales planning!

World’s Oldest Animal Dies

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

176 years old! 330 pounds! Harriet, a giant tortoise and the star attraction at Australia Zoo in Queensland died of a heart attack this past week.

Harriet made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living animal. However, a tortoise who died in India earlier this year, Addwaita, was said to be about 250 years old, according to the Calcutta zoo where he had been living since 1875.

176? 250? The great thing about great salespeople is that their longevity is a trait that means three things;

1) You plow through any economy, good or bad, because your skills keep you above the earnings of common sales reps.

2) You never have to retire, unless you choose to.

3) You can sell anywhere you want. Rather be on a beach, in the mountains, in the locale of your dreams? Go for greatness at selling.

Slow and steady wins the race. Find a mentor, find sales training, be regimented in your daily selling life and you could leave a legacy of longevity and success in the world of selling.