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They’ll never Watch another Movie

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Weird disorders in the news recently included prosopagnosia, the inability of a person to remember people by their faces, even one’s immediate family. Researchers will soon declare that prosopagnosia (which also, obviously, inhibits sufferers’ ability to enjoy movies) is less rare than previously believed, according to a June Boston Globe story. [The Mirror (London), 7-4-06] [Boston Globe, 6-14-06]

Memory is critical to sales success.

Unfortunately, failed memory skills are directly related to contact managers and other electronic versions of our brains.

Great conversationalists recall the little things that touch another person. These include those references to personal experiences, likes and dislikes and other bits of information that don’t always go into the notes section of your database.

Build up your brainpower by memorizing favorite film lines, poems and songs. Tthe ones you already know don’t count. You should refresh your mind somehow daily.

Strengthen that brain and the daily movie that is your selling life can have many more happier endings.

DNA tourists

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Tracing where your family came from by looking at registrars of births, marriages and deaths is so old school.

If you want to find out where your ancestors came from several thousand years ago you need the services of a company like DNAPrint who will track you back to ancient civilisations and migration patterns. Ref: The Times (UK)

Okay, sales pro – where can you trace the origins of your business?

Referrals, marketing leads, personal prospecting?

Understanding the roots of your past is a great way to know the potential of your future.

What are you best at when it comes to acquiring sales? Do you need to create a chart of ancestors – companies and individuals you’ve closed – who can lead you to relatives that might also buy?

Build a strong family tree and your future will look very green.

Do you Hate this Closing Trick…

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

as much as I do?

A clothing store has a sign in front. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE!

In small letters beneath is a note: “We reserve the right to stay in business if the sale is a success.” (thought I’d toss in a little joke)

Recognize the trick, though? Buy today, buy immediately! It’s the old “Impending Event Close.”

If you don’t buy right now, circumstances will change and you won’t be able to get the goodies.

Manipulative and deceptive.

Your prospects and customers know there is always going to be another sale. They don’t like being pressured to decide right now. And you are training them to either buy at a discount or to not believe you when you make a special offer.

Can you avoid this tactic? If you use it, your credibility is at risk.

Holy Cow! Special Forces Use Bat Wings to Fly

Monday, September 11th, 2006

It’s getting that bizarre, unique inventions are rarely a surprise. Here, an individual can strap on wings and fly over the enemy.


However, any soldier (without a fear of heights) can’t qualify to use this device. Only special forces, the elite of the elite, get to train and gain a tactical advantage with this amazing tool.

How do you categorize your sales skills, your performance?

Are you a soldier? Or are your skills so beyond ordinary that you’d qualify for sales special forces designation?

It’s too much fun to be the best. Why not work to attain that superior level of firepower and don’t be surprised at the recognition and opportunities that land in your path.

We all want to fly. It’s just that the top 5% get to, while everyone else stands – ground bound – and watches.

The good news is you get to choose how good you can be. Your call!

Career Gambling (not a true story)

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Years ago, I read a fascinating book – Thirteen against the Bank by Norman Leigh.

In the story, the author decides to take revenge on a famous casino in Monte Carlo. The place had bankrupted and humiliated his father. He puts a team of ordinary people together and teaches them his roulette system, effectively making gamblers out of everyday citizens. They have different responsibilities for each spin of the roulette wheel, and, regardless of how the ball bounces, will share the winnings equally.

I was intrigued by the system, so I went to visit my father at Abbott Laboratories. Dad might be the best programmer on the planet. A ’55 graduate from Cal Tech, he did the computer work on the un-manned space launches and, in the 1960s, wrote software to protect the environment for (or from?) Shell Oil refineries – still in use today.

I had my father write a program to simulate 100,000 spins of a roulette wheel, using each of the gambler’s moves (the outcome of the spin affects each team member differently).

It took about 5 seconds on this massive computer to re-create 100,000 spins and the results of six players’ individual bets. Results weren’t even close to making money. We ran it again – 100,000 spins, several times, same outcome.

I then had him invert the program, that is reverse the logic revealed by Leigh’s system. Maybe, I figured, the author was altering his strategy to hide the real method.

Back to the computer, back to the same results – nothing that amounts to winning money.

So good story, fun reading; and since NUMBERS DON’T LIE, it’s false. Never happened.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

How well do you know your selling numbers? We’ll look at more of this later, but some factors to consider calculating might be closing percentage, opening percentage! (how many people you qualified or disqualified to decide whether to keep selling), time spent on selling activities during the day, rather than admin work, value of a sale (go for bigger?).

All these factors can focus you on what best to keep doing and what best to change. So know your numbers.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

Kids! (and how they can help you sell)

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Bekah, my youngest, has a loose tooth. My faithful readers might recall my poor, but amusing, parenting blunder “Forgetting the Tooth Fairy” from and earlier post (

So last night we heard that Bekah got advice from school friends on how to rid herself of the tooth. I have no idea if this is true, but a couple kids said they tied a shoelace to the tooth, then threw the shoe across the room!

There’s an image that’ll stay in your mind’s sight for a while.

You have to love how kids think. They’re creative and every idea is met with joy, enthusiasm and laughter. “Really, Dad! They really threw the shoe.” Big grin follows the words.

Younger brains and bodies can refresh your soul. I love the blend of salespeople at every conference to which I present. From the young rookies to the grumpy old men pros, the blend of personalities play off one another – the newbies adding excitement, while the older reps tossing wisdom and skill into the mix.

You and I both need to hang out with a kid a couple times a week, just to lighten our spirits. Watch how they do things wrong, while learning, and laugh. For example, ever see six year olds playing soccer? Twelve little bodies clustered within three feet of the ball, kicking each other more than the object they’re meant to move.

Little ones in action can lift our spirits and that calms our souls, making us better salespeople and just better people.

Go, interact with or observe a little one today. And get your fix of refreshment.

Sales Special Today Only (really!)

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

SOMETHING SPECIAL FROM Jeffrey Gitomer! This prolific, funny, wild sales expert has a new book that comes, TODAY ONLY, with some very cool additional product offerings. Details here: for The Little Black Book of Connections.
Buy it and you’ll get, FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED, printable high quality digital images from The Sales Comic Book.

Learn from friend and fellow sales authority Jeffrey Gitomer today!

Crocodile Hunter Lost

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Steve Irwin, globally known as The Crocodile Hunter died in a tragic and bizarre accident when, while snorkeling, a sting ray struck up at him. The sharp barb at the end of a ray’s tail can grow to 10 inches in length and are often poisonous as well. The animal hit Irwin in the ribs where the barb pierced his heart. Attempts to revive him were futile.

This is the first time in my life I was upset by the death of a celebrity.

The Crocodile Hunter was an Australian icon who embodied the best in selling skills. He was charismatic. He knew, intimately, everything about every creature he dealt with. He pointed all of us to the uniqueness and diversity that surrounds us.

His single word catchphrase, “Crikey!” became a brand identifier as strong as any logo or television commercial.

I’m a huge nature lover. Growing up on the beaches of California burned into me an awe and appreciation for the wonders of the sea. And nature included the mountains and the desert, each a mere 60 minutes away as well.

Please learn to handle everyone you interact with respectfully. Treat them as unique individuals. Learn to ask great questions that further reinforce how special they are. As systematic as your sales approach might be, no two experiences with prospects are alike. Great sales pros are as flexible as the man who could wrestle an alligator and grab a cobra.

And please join me in offering prayers for strength for Steve Irwin’s wife, Terri and their two children.

Look into your Sales Mirror

Monday, September 4th, 2006

In a new study, psychologists claim that looking at skinny models in magazines makes women feel better about their bodies whereas looking at images of moderately plump models makes them feel fat. Ref: Journal of Consumer Research (US)

What do you see, what do you think, when you look at other sales reps?

Do you feel better about yourself when you’re around successful pros?

Do you wallow in angst when you’re about medicore salespeople?

Regardless of how you feel, REALITY stands alone.

Who you are is independent of who they are.

You can be inspired or motivated by others, but you have to decide whether you need to improve a lot or a little.

Look into your mirror, are you sales skills keeping you skinny?

What will you do about the answer?

Dealing with Wedding Stress

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Real Grooms Tell All (#3 is a classic)

“I always had to remember that I had been planning the wedding since we got engaged, while she had been planning it since birth. When push comes to shove, let her know that you support her ideas, even if you really don’t care.”
— Preston, Dallas

“It’s important to involve each other’s families in the wedding preparation (notice I didn’t say wedding decisions). We enlisted the help of my wife’s parents with decorating the tent (her dad and mom are experts in that area). But we didn’t ask them to choose which decorations we would have.”
— Matthew, Pelham Manor

“I responded to the worst stress by playing Madden NFL against really easy teams.”
— Nikolas, Ann Arbor

How are you handling stress?

Are you taking time to be selfish, taking time for the things you want to do, things that build you up?

Every sales pro encounters stress, with a fair amount of frequency.

Forget the job, the prospects, the boss and go mentally and physically hide – on a regular basis.

Your ability to handle stress can keep you married to the best career on the planet.