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Selling Pain: The Wedding-band Coffin

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

The ultimate gift for that friend who just waded through a messy divorce – a coffin to inter his or her wedding ring.

Wedding Band Coffin

A hilarious idea, a brilliant idea, a unique idea for a product that plays on the prospect’s pain.

How well do you turn negative emotions into positive sales opportunities?

We grew up with the classic sales approach – sell with features and benefits! So why are so many prospects so resistant to this strategy?

Because we now know that, statistically, 40% of the population does not focus on all the good things they get from buying. Rather, they focus on all the bad things they avoid –  the problems that need solving. So these people make their buying decision based on addressing trouble, not getting the goodies you offer.

Every sales pros should have two scripts in their briefcase, on the computer, in their head. One would be full of benefits language, the other packed with problem solving ideas that your product or service offers.

Use the right language at the proper time, marry your motivation to your prospect’s perspective, and that’ll get you the best answer to any closing question you choose to use:

“I do.”

How’s the Fishin’ in your Sales Life?

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

A city man was trying to fish a small mountain stream but was having no luck at all. Just as he was about to give up for the day, a mountain man came by.

“What are you usin’ fer bait?” he asked. The angler showed the man his minnows. Whereupon the native pulled a bottle of corn liquor from his pocket and poured a cupful or so into the minnow bucket.

Then he took one of the minnows and put it on the fisherman’s hook. “Now try it,” he advised.

Almost immediately, the fisherman felt a hard tug on his line. After a struggle that lasted fifteen minutes, the angler landed a 17-pound bass.

But the fish wasn’t on the hook; the minnow had the huge bass by the throat.

There’s an image of the ultimate referral in selling; a small fish brings you the BIG ONE.

Sales pros – how aggressively do you go after your prospects? How tough are you at getting referrals from your clients?

I did a coaching session yesterday with a sales team on language to use to garnish referrals. And finding the right words can be helpful.

But some things you simply need to decide to do.

Find the language that works for you and, take the rest of this month to ask every client (new or old) for someone else who could use your help, or has problems you can solve or would love to land the benefits you provide.

There are not many ways, outside referrals, to quickly and efficiently and inexpensively find new business.

The rest of the month – get going, ask for referrals.