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Ultimate Fighting & Selling

Monday, May 21st, 2007

This weekend I attended the International Fight League ( event at the Sears Centre.

The whole Ultimate Fighting Championship has spawned a Mixed Martial Arts competition between cities – with teams who compete in weight categories.

It was a wild night of diversity and blended styles. Some fighters were slow and methodical. Others just went berserk and charged into their opponents. Some of those gained an advantage and won, others found themselves gazing at a ceiling filled with floodlights.

Chicago fan favorite, Mark Miller provided the evening’s highlight match. He knocked out his opponent with a flurry of punches and the loser was so dazed he didn’t know the fight was over. He attacked the referee and began to fight his coaches and teammates as they attempted to calm him down.

In all the action and fan frenzy and entertainment, I couldn’t help but notice that martial arts style was not a guarantee of victory. Top U.S. trainer, Pat Miletich’s  and his team, The Silverbacks won only 3 of 5 fights.

Even experience wasn’t the deciding factor. Silverback’s heavyweight Ben Rothwell had 17 fights under his belt and soundly blasted Chicago’s fighter who had over 200!

Sales thoughts – different styles, different experience – what makes a winner?

You have to find yourself in selling. What gets you to the close faster and more frequently than otherwise? One of my personality strategies is to keep the laughter coming throughout the relationship – early is key. Other sales pros are consummate business types, no nonsense – and that works for them.

Diversity is what this planet is about. Rejoice in your uniqueness. Win the battle, the game, or whatever you choose to designate the competition among sales pros.

Point is you don’t have to “be like Mike.” Be yourself. Have fun. Make money.