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Smoking Ban Reveals Selling Secret…

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Michael Windisch, proprietor of the Maltermeister Turm restaurant in Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany, solved what has become a crisis for other restaurants since the state extended a smoking ban in August. Windisch opened three holes in an outer wall so that, in cold weather, a smoker need not venture outside but can stick his head and arms through the holes and puff away while remaining inside (according to a December report in Der Spiegel). [, 12-20-07]


Creative solution to accommodate (SELL!) more customers! This sales approach is more about problem solving than benefits (i.e., here are all the good things that will happen when you buy from us).

So what secret do we see in this news item? What does work better than Feature/Benefits selling?

Every sales pro should have two approaches developed to promote their products and services. Some buyers are sold by solving problems. Some are sold by gaining benefits.

How do you identify which animal is which? More later or contact me directly on this fascinating and critical element which ever salesperson should adapt.

But for now, just create a list of benefits you offer and problems you solve. You gain flexibility on your calls and can smoke the competition!

Grave Success & Burying the Competition…

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Lee Myung-bak was elected president of South Korea in December, with experts in “poonsgoo” (similar to the Chinese feng shui) attributing the victory in part to the favorable location of his ancestors’ graves, which is an important predictor of good fortune. Candidates not so lucky spent part of the campaign moving their ancestors’ remains to better sites. Former president Kim Dae-jung is said to have learned the hard way, losing an earlier election with poor burial location, then winning after moving some dead relatives around, according to a November Reuters dispatch. [Reuters, 11-14-07]

Wow, what would you do to win a sale?

Light a candle? Sacrifice a chicken? Relocate dead relatives’ graves?

Whatever happened to simple prayers like, “God, please – I need this client. I’ll do anything…”

How much outside control catapults or crashes your career?

If you depend on spiritual entities aiding and abetting your success, you might spend more time sharpening knives and shovels than your skills.

Leave your dreams and fantasies on the altar. Put more leg power and tongue power into your day. That’s how you bury the competition.

Your ancestors will be proud.

Territory Trouble

Monday, January 7th, 2008

A long-married couple was sitting in their living room. He was asleep in his favorite chair. She was watching TV. Suddenly, a violent tornado struck the house. It ripped off the roof, picked the man and woman up, swirled them in the air, and deposited them a mile from home. The husband, seeing his wife sobbing, said, “Stop crying, can’t you see we’re safe?”

She whimpered, “I’m crying because I’m so happy. This is the first time we’ve been out together in ten years.”

So when was the last time you visited your territory? When did you last engage in a saturation campaign to declare – to your little, finite world – that you still exist?

Get out. Get a date with some of those old prospects. We could think of a rockpile of reasons that they’re ready to talk to you…

They’re unhappy with their existing service provider who is taking the relationship for granted.

They’re spending too much for similar services and need to review costs to compare what you can do for them.

Your old contact is retired or fired or dead, and the new buyer doesn’t know who you are.

Get out, and start ’08 with a tornado of activity in your backyard. And see what kind of business you can send spinning in your direction.

Windblown Cats & Reps

Friday, January 4th, 2008

My little brother, Kenny, just had a problem at home – heavy rains caused flooding on his first floor.

So the insurance company sends a cleanup crew with gigantic fans to help air out the place.

The two cats who reside there (or run the place, as cat lovers might believe) are curious about the fans, so the bravest one walks toward the loud device, sticks its nose around the front of it, then quickly runs down the hall, away from the force of the wind.

Moments later, my brother hears the cat crying and looks down the hall.

The cat is attempting to walk back toward the fan, but the force is so strong that the animal is only walking in place, fur forced back by the wind.

Curiosity has turned into confusion as the pet continues to cry for help.

Kenny scoops the little one up, walks into and beyond the blowing wind and places the animal into the safe zone behind the fan.

Question for you sales reps – do you ever get stuck somewhere and are not sure how to unstick yourself?

It might be boxing yourself into an objection you’ve encountered, but can’t yet handle.

It might be you’re sitting on a sales plateau that is too low to give you the money you’d like to be earning.

Or it might be that the job you’re in has no future, and you’re not sure how to leave or where to go.

If any of these strike a chord, you’re heading into the fan and need some help to get out.

Find that mentor – I’ve been encouraging you to do this for long enough.

Or just find the guts to step out in faith and get training, or interview for that better job.

So shame on all of us who are pushing against that mighty wind and are (hopefully) smarter than a cat.

Go get help, and you can know you’re heading into a GREAT ’08!