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Croaking Frogs and Sales Pros

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Recently, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has been seeking 75 volunteers to be trained in listening to frogs so that the state can complete its annual frog survey. Georgia has 31 frog species, each with distinctive ribbits and croaks, and surveyors, after practicing detection, will monitor frog habitats to help officials measure population trends. Tracking season begins this week. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution-AP, 11-12-08]

Hey sales pros! How good are your listening skills?

Just as one state has 31 different frog dialects, each of your buyers is distinct in his or her language choices. These word selections can reveal individual and corporate decision-making strategies. They can point you to how more closely aligned your language choices are or (are not) to the that precious prospect. Here are some hints to increase your listening power…

Do you recognize whether that other person processes information visually or by sound or by touch?

Do you lean in when they speak, showing your listener that nothing in the world matters aside from your conversation?

Do you repeat back their EXACT words to show you understand their concerns and questions? I know we were taught early in selling to summarize and re-state, using our own words, the comments being made. This can create a disconnect if, for example, we offer back visual words to a person who processes information auditorially.

So your comment “It looks like you want to show the company…” is not the same when what they said was “I want the company to hear what it’s like to sound…” Big disconnect – so avoid putting your own spin on their words.

So hop to it, improve your listening and you improve your performance. Your buyers will invite you to spend more time in their habitat. And that leads to more greenbacks in the bank.