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HELP! Dan is heading to Sydney, Australia…

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

To my friends across the globe, especially those Down Under…

Many of you know that I play on the U.S. World Masters Basketball team.

This is basically Olympic Sports for 35 years and older. The next international competition is in Sydney Australia Oct 4-19 – next month!
World Masters 02

This is the logo I designed to symbolize my great love for Australia (3rd trip). I’ll be wearing this on a t-shirt and sharing some with my mates in Oz.

I’m looking for help in two ways.

1) I’d like to scuba dive during free time between games. Anyone have any connections around Sydney?

2) I’d also LOVE to do some business presentations – a quick keynote, perhaps a short training session, even run a weekly sales meeting. Anyone have any connections around Sydney?

I would be eternally grateful (well, maybe not eternally, but very grateful) and would reward any of my friends well for connecting me. You know all the cool goodies I have – best-selling Sales Autopsy book, Revenge of the Reps video game, Sales Comic Book and more.

Please send an email to me at or call 1-847-359-7860.

Thanks a ton!

Dan Seidman
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Wedding Toasts & Sales

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Brother #3 is Eddie and he’s been chosen as the best man for brother #4, Kenny’s wedding.

At the reception, Eddie is supposed to toast the bride and groom. He is nervous, he hasn’t thought about what to say. He just doesn’t talk to large audiences.

“Daniel,” he asks me (I’m brother #1), “what do I do?” I assure him that all he has to do is recall a couple fun memories, tell everyone how perfect Kenny & Jane are for each other, then wish them well. Or, he can let me do the toast.

“It’s okay, I’ve got it” is his reply. And then the DJ hands him a mic and then he looks at me, then at hundreds of expectant faces.

Suddenly he just blurts out,

“Here’s to Kenny & Jane, may they live happily ever after.”

Silence. That’s it?

I shout, “That’s a great line, did you just make that up?”

He sits down and sets down the mic as it picks up the groom’s sarcastic, “nice toast, if we were Hansel & Gretel.”

Hey selling pros! Are you ready to sell? Really? Preparing for your prospects is one thing that can help you to a fairy tale ending.

But if you’re not prepared, you’ll freeze when it matters most and you’ll fumble and you’ll wing it and you’ll wish you INVESTED (a perfect word) in knowing exactly how you’ll handle each piece of the sales puzzle.

So prepare to prospect, prepare to present, prepare to respond to resistance and prepare to close. Because only when you are thoroughly prepared will you live happily ever after.