2016 Olympics to Chicago?

Contrary to his earlier promises, Mayor Richard Daley will have to pledge local funds, at least as collateral, if he wants Chicago to beat Los Angeles to become the U.S. bidder for the 2016 Olympics.  (Chicago Tribune, March 8, 2007)

Guarantees! As a sales professional we need to be sensitive to guarantees, even if they are unwritten or unspoken.

Buyers want to make the safest bet when they select a vendor or product or service. The consequences of making the wrong choice? Their decision-making ability comes into question. And this can hurt, even endanger their career.

If your company doesn’t offer actual guarantees, your personal credibility serves as one.

If you have the guts to offer a guarantee, you can count on Olympic-sized income as a result of this concept of buyer safety.

What can you do to bring the business to your town, your company? A guarantee can guarantee it comes to you.

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