3 ? Quiz on Web Selling

From my friend Alan Lee who is an ACT! CRM guru on web-based leads and followups…
(the answer to #3 might surprise you)

How savvy is your sales follow up? Take this short quiz, and find out. (The answers appear at the end.)

1. How long does it take a hot website lead to go cold if not followed up?
a. Less than 1 hour
b. Within 4 – 24 hours
c. Within 24 to 48 hours

2. What time of day results in the highest conversion rate?
a. 9 am – Noon
b. 1 pm – 3 pm
c. 3 pm – 6 pm

3. Which day gets the most completed calls?
a. Monday
b. Wednesday
c. Friday


1. “C” is correct. After 24 hours, the prospect either forgets his request or finds a solution elsewhere. Studies show 4 times fewer sales conversions and 6 times fewer completed follow-ups occur if you dilly-dally. Follow up should include this 3-step process:

* Set up an autoresponder that acknowledges the inquiry instantly and prepares the prospect for the human follow up to come
* The inquiry should be automatically imported into your database, assigned to a website follow-up group and a follow-up activity assigned to a rep (there’s an ACT add-on for this!)
* Hold salespeople accountable for less-than-24-hour follow up on all hot website leads by running daily reports on this metric

2. “C” is correct. The highest conversion rates typically occur between 3:30 pm and 4:25 pm. Even though it may be hard to close the sale from 4:30 pm to 6 pm, sales people often find prospects willing to set phone appointments for the next day at that time, so the follow-up is not wasted.

3. Surprisingly, it’s “C”. Fridays can be an untapped goldmine for reaching decision makers, so don’t give in to truisms that say prospects are in “weekend mode” or already out of the office. Follow-up success increases each day after Monday. In fact, according to one study, Fridays showed 241% more connects than on Mondays.

You’ll find more information about Alan at http://www.etechsys.com/profile-staff.htm and a workshop of Alan’s at http://www.marketingwithact.com/

Contact him. The sharpest reps seek the smartest resources they can find. Alan would be one of those.

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