I spoke at the REMAX state of Michigan conference this past Saturday. GREAT group of sales pros, extroverts, fun to be with. During my confession session, I got as good a collection of hilarious selling blunders as I’ve ever had at a sales event.

At the beginning of my program I collected the total number of years of selling experience in the room (about 600 reps).

3,782 years represented.

Do you realize that every solution you could seek, every answer to every question you might have already resides in the brains of your colleagues surrounding you?

This means creative and smart responses to objections, language to land cold calling appointments, any and everything exists where you can easily find it. You just have to call a neighbor and they’ll get you better at your craft.

And, ouch! You probably don’t need me, if you think about it.

Get smarter, faster and cheaper by drawing of the collective brainpower of sales pros around you.

Funny thing, it’s just like selling anyway.


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