American Idol Lessons for Sales Pros

Taylor Hicks, winner of this year’s American Idol competition was a surprise to millions of people, including brilliant judge and grumpy commentator Simon Cowell who originally voted not to send the young man from Birmingham to Hollywood.

Here are three reasons Taylor Hicks vaulted past some great voices and won the hearts and votes of his prospective buyers. Yes, they are prospective buyers; they will all buy CDs by the boatload.

  1. Memorable Makes Money – No competitor in five years on this show has been as unique as Hicks. Ask yourself this question – when you sell do you distinguish yourself from every other salesperson? Or do you blend into a crowd of howling karaoke singers, hoping to get some attention?
  1. Charisma is Contagious – Taylor loves singing! It flows from his being and brings pure joy to anyone watching. Because of this, each of the judges complimented him in ways no other singer had been praised. Do you like selling? Or do you love it? Think of all the great reasons to love your work and it will be evident to your audience of buyers. You have flexibility on the job, you control your income, you meet a wide (and often wild) variety of personalities, you can fulfill your dreams faster than any other type of work. Get loving your work and you’ll get all the charisma you need to be a shining light in the eyes, mind and ears of every prospective customer.
  1. Investing Increases Income – Taylor was meticulous in his selection of clothes. The image he presented to judges and audience was a perfect match to each song he sang, from his wild shirts to classy suits. Every sales professional can probably better manage their image by investing in some area of their sales life. What is it for you? Clothing? Tools, like a nicer, newer car or PDA or cell phone? Or do you need some training or coaching? Every prospect wants to work with a true professional. Invest in yourself and you will receive a great return on your investment, a YES! from more potential clients.

A final thought; learn to learn from everyone, everywhere you can. So whether you love or like or hate Taylor Hicks or Simon Cowell or the American Idol show, you can discover lessons about being memorable, charismatic and a better investor in your sales life. You can work to become #1 and receive that final vote and a check from more prospects.

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