And sales reps hate paperwork, too…

A civic group in Vienna, Austria, gathered 157,000 signatures on petitions in May and presented them to city officials to encourage a government program toward cleaner streets. Under the proposal, the government would assign the populace the task of counting and mapping dog droppings as a first step to greater penalties for owners who fail to clean up after their mutts. Critics were pessimistic that citizens wanted to count and map dog droppings. [ABC News-AP, 9-15-06]

And you thought with GPS software that job of mapping our world was no longer a viable business.

You’ve heard the old sales addage that reps hate filling out paperwork?

I’m giving you permission to hate.

I want you to hate doing paperwork during selling time. That is anytime you might have access to prosepcts and clients.

Efficient, high-earning pros hate distractions and can increase productivity by strict, dedicated efforts during true selling hours.

This is smart thinking. So how smart are you when it comes to focus and execution during this time each day?

Sell when have access to buyers. Do administrative tasks when you don’t.

Now, when someone decides to map your success, they’ll record lots of closed business and your manager won’t be logging your efforts as little piles of Viennese doggie do.

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