April Fools at the Schools

I’ve sent my twin girls off to 2nd grade today where they will switch classes on their teachers.

My son will be leaving a carton of orange juice on his teacher’s desk. When she picks it up, hundreds of Skittles candies will pour out of the big hole at the bottom to the delight of his classmates. He will also be placing a rubber snake beneath her desk – because she’ll be getting down there to pick up candy.

See, the best practical jokes (and I could write a book about tormenting students and professors through 4 years of college) anticipate the reaction of the person being pranked. By knowing their response you can take the joke to another level.

How well do you anticipate responses when you sell?

Nobody in our business should ever be surprised by a prospect’s behavior. NOT EVER.

We’ve heard all the objections, so why haven’t we created fantastic and potent responses to each one?

I have. I got sick of hearing the same old things, so I went out and got smart about dealing with the behavior of potential clients.

Take your top six objections, then ask around to determine how others who sell well react to them. Or look ’em up online.

No more surprises in selling.

Let the only fools be reps who don’t attend to their careers as professionally as you do.

Have a great April 1st. Go do something funny to someone you care about.

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