Bad Reps, Bad Golfers, Silent Prospects

The president of an exclusive country club was watching golfers tee off on his first tee. He noticed a man addressing the ball ten feet in front of the markers.

“I say there,” called the president, “you’re supposed to put your ball behind those markers when you tee off.”

The golfer ignored him.

“Don’t hit the ball there,” the president shouted.  “Put it behind the markers!”

The golfer looked up and said, “Mister, I’ve been a member of this snooty club for 3 years, and you are the first person who’s spoken to me. But if you’re going to talk to me, I wish you would not do it while I’m addressing the ball. For your information, although it’s none of your business, this is my second shot.”

Okay, salespeople, what if prospects won’t deal with you, speak to you, reply to literature and emails because you’re just embarrassingly bad?

And it’s not that you’re not a good salesperson. It might be that, in contrast to your competition, you appear mediocre (or worse).

One of the things that perplexes me most is how those of us in sales (and entrepreneurs with selling responsibilities) just won’t invest in getting better.

Remember grousing about classes you took in high school? For example, “When am I ever going to use calculus in the real world?”

Well, today you can take classes you will use in the real world. And you can quantify a return on your time and money investment (a perfect term, by the way).

Go find great training. You might also find more prospects talking to you because you can drive the conversation, like a well-struck golf ball, farther than others who sell.


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