Barry Bonds vs. Average Sales Rep

Everyone wants to hit the home run.

We all want to be the Babe Ruth, the Hank Aaron of selling; crowds cheering at national sales conferences, sales children asking for autographs and wondering “how do you do it?”

One sportswriter, impatient at how long it was taking Barry Bonds to hit number 715 joked, “Let’s just give him some steroids and get it over with.”

Regardless of the truth of the answer to the chemical question, Bonds is on a team with 25 other players. In fact the whole league, MLB, is comprised of 750 professionals, most of whom don’t hit that many home runs at all.

In selling a solid performer rarely hits home runs.

He or she is consistent in his or her work ethic and keeps plodding, whether times are tough or great.

750 pro baseball players rose to the top of their game by working constantly at being the best at specific skills, then proving ultimately useful to their management and team.

What are you best at? Prospecting? Closing? Opening? Managing accounts? Sales training? Managing/coaching reps?

What are you proud of?

What to you bring to the game of selling?

Now go get better at that and pick a couple areas you can improve as well.

The best are never satisfied, but they are always consistent in performance.

Become a true pro at selling. You even get to “negotiate” your own salary.

Good Hitting

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