Barry Manilow Sales Tip

A council in the Sydney, Australia suburb of Rockdale is planning to play Barry Manilow songs in car parks late at night to deter gangs of youths from drinking, smoking and racing cars.
Ref: Daily Telegraph (UK)

Who would you like least to have around your prospects and clients? The competition?

Then what selling activities or strategies are you adopting to keep the competition at bay?

Good local public relations helps, the stories keep you top-of-mind in your marketplace.

Charity work does the same thing.

Keeping in touch by email, phone or real mail is a smart way to let those prospects and existing customers know that you’re thinking about them.

So take a tip from our friends “down under” and sing your way to success by putting a Manilow move on your marketplace: Drive away those competing gangs of reps by letting them know that you are everywhere – and have no intention of going away.

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