Holy Cow! Special Forces Use Bat Wings to Fly

It’s getting that bizarre, unique inventions are rarely a surprise. Here, an individual can strap on wings and fly over the enemy.


However, any soldier (without a fear of heights) can’t qualify to use this device. Only special forces, the elite of the elite, get to train and gain a tactical advantage with this amazing tool.

How do you categorize your sales skills, your performance?

Are you a soldier? Or are your skills so beyond ordinary that you’d qualify for sales special forces designation?

It’s too much fun to be the best. Why not work to attain that superior level of firepower and don’t be surprised at the recognition and opportunities that land in your path.

We all want to fly. It’s just that the top 5% get to, while everyone else stands – ground bound – and watches.

The good news is you get to choose how good you can be. Your call!

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