Beauty in Death

No, we’re not talking about Sales Autopsy and reps dying in front of prospects. It’s about weather and snow and winter’s entrance.

Chicago here got nailed with about a foot of snow in a few hours overnight. Nature has officially announced a change in seasons.

Winter represents death in the earth. Plants die, the ground freezes, insects and animals disappear. It’s like hitting a cold spell, a real cold spell in your seling life that just kills your productivity.

But with that death comes rejuvenation and the realization that it’s getting better from here on out. When sales begin to die, a pro steps back and asks “what is really going on?”

Is it the marketplace, economy, buyers? IS IT ME?

What selling season are you in right now? For many the holidays harken a heated-up marketplace with buyer frenzy and ringing registers. For other businesses, it’s transition time, siesta time or time to vacation and worry about sales when you get back to reality.

Realize that there are seasons for salespeople, just as there are seasons to life. If sales are hot, rejoice. If sales are not, decide whether to hide, assess yourself or just plow through the snowstorm of the season. You can get better, even when you’re not doing well.

And that’s the beauty in death.

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