Benefits of Porky Pig

For forty years sales reps have been struggling with how to sell benefits as opposed to pitching features.

Here’s a quick, easy way to know you’re using benefits and using the strongest possible language to offer optimal motivation to buyers – with our great thanks to cartoon star Porky Pig.

When you use a word or words to describe your offering, add the phrase “so that…” and expand on it. For example;

We have the best cell phone coverage in the country “so that” you are always connected. Keep adding “so that” to this next phrase until you can’t explain further. When you finish, it’s “So that’s all folks!” ala Porky Pig. Let’s see this in action.

We have the best cell phone coverage in the country

“so that…”

you are always connected

“so that…”

you never miss any calls

“so that…”

you can attend to everyone who needs you

“so that…”

you’re perceived as a true professional in your business

“so that…”

you close more sales because everyone wants to work with a pro.

“So that’s all folks!” Thanks, Porky!

You get the idea, go play with it at your next sales meeting.

But don’t eat bacon for breakfast beforehand.

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