Best Objection Response, Ever!

I designed the sales training program for a national financial services company (you would recognize their name). Their targeted buyers are seniors.

Working off over 3 dozen objections, I crafted multiple responses to each. This reply is legitimate, it’s funny, so it gets a resistant prospect to laugh.

Objection: I’m too old to buy an annuity.

Answer: We have sea turtles older than you as clients.

Two things here (well three, if you include everybody loves sea turtles):

Do you have multiple responses to every one of your top 6 objections? I do this exercise with each of my consulting clients. It’s also now being built into a best-practices sales training experience for So know the top ways you get pushback and be prepared to react.

Do you have ability, the words, to make prospects laugh? Okay, I’m biased because I use humor to write, speak and train all day, all month, all year. But there’s nothing as potent to disarm a buyer than something that says, “okay, that’s enough arguing, let’s be friends, have some fun and figure out how to work together.”

Work on those two things and you’ll have a successful selling career that lasts longer than, you guessed it, a sea turtle.

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