Best Superbowl Ad

This was my favorite 2007 Superbowl commercial. A young couple sees a hitchhiker on the side of the road, with his hands full. The man driving only sees the case of Bud Light beer. His wife only sees the monstrous ax in the other hand.

The husband calls out to the guy, asking “What’s with the ax?” The reply comes after a brief pause, “Uh, it’s a bottle opener.”

Next scene we see the couple pulling past another hitchhiker, with the ax guy sitting in back of their car. The new hitcher has a mask on, Bud Light in hand and a chainsaw.

“Hey he’s got Bud Light!” notes the husband again. Check out this funny 30 second spot, especially the wife’s facial expressions.

Isn’t it interesting how our beliefs as salespeople can taint the truth of what’s really going on?

Have you ever expected a prospect to close and been stunned when they turned on you, instead turning into a competitor’s client?

What we believe needs to be tempered with good sense, logic and the input of wise mentors or team members.

Are your beliefs turning into fairy tale endings, closed business?

Or do you need to re-think the value of some of those prospects? You know the ones that you should probably drive right past and ignore because they’d be dangerous to pick up, and wasteful to invest time in?

How accurate, how intelligent are your beliefs about buyers?

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