Bob Hope for Sales Pros…

The Scottish caddies are great. One old fellow at St. Andrews told me, “I had a golfer who was so lousy he threw his clubs into the water. Then he dived in himself. I thought he was going to drown, but I remembered he couldn’t keep his head down long enough.”

Are you “keeping your head down” during your selling day?

This is all about focus and attending the right things at the proper time.

You get a prospect who wants to chat about the latest sports news, or dress styles or the weather. What to do?

Answer with a smile and move the conversation right to business. Be creative and smooth; “Yes, that was a great game. We have our own game to play in the business world as well, don’t we? You have your company to grow, to defeat the competition. I’m my company’s role player to grow and win business for them.” And you’re right back on track, head down, hitting straight and true to the center of the green.

That will keep you on and in the green. You make more money by keeping your focus.

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