Bombs and Art

Numerous witnesses saw Michael Stone charge into the parliament building in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in November, armed with bombs, a knife and a handgun. After he was wrestled to the floor, he was charged with trying to kill separatist leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, who were inside. However, in December, Stone said everything he did that day was merely “performance art replicating a terrorist attack.” A credulous reporter for the Belfast Telegraph applauded Stone’s “use of mixed media and everyday materials,” which he said “show(ed) imagination.” [Belfast Telegraph, 12-21-06]

Wow, where do we go with today’s story? Do we discuss excuses or believability?

It’s believability – how credible are you when you sell?

Do you offer evidence from other clients to enhance the feeling of comfort and safety with your firm?

Is your demeanor calm and professional, without being overly enthusiastic and annoying?

Is it clear to the prospect that you are willing to walk away, rather than pitch the old “what would it take to do business with you” line?

How’s this for a paradox? The ability to present believability has high impact because it has a calming effect on potential buyers.

Be believable and your sales number can be unbelievable.

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