Bono and Bill

I watched a video yesterday of U2’s Bono being interviewed by Bill Hybels who runs one of the largest churches in America – Willow Creek (and its training association). Amazing video and it’s, at least for now, unavailable because of the use of U2’s music.

I was shocked at the wit and wisdom of the rock star as he passionately called for viewers to help end global poverty and it’s evil cousin, the AIDs epidemic.

Bono was recently named Time Magazine’s person of the year (along with Bill & Melinda Gates). He’s using his rock star status to gain audiences with kings and prime ministers to literally embarrass the well-to-do into balancing a world that has too many with too little or too much of nothing.

His eloquence should inspire sales pros to carefully craft their words for maximum influence. My favorite Bono example was a phrase that explained the zeal for his cause and countless hours he puts into this work “When I throw a punch it’s not my strength behind it. It’s the strength of an idea whose time has come.”

Can you take the time to re-write the words you use in order to better motivate buyers? The payoff is higher earnings, but you also will impress prospects with your eloquence and passion.

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