Brinkmann Corp on how to Antagonize Prospects

Just yesterday visited the Motivation Show in Chicago where I am speaking today (11am cst).

A friend of mine, ex-fighter pilot and professional speaker Rob “Waldo” Waldman stood in line with me for about 15 minutes waiting for a sample hot dog or sandwich from the Brinkmann booth. They were showing off their grills.

As we got to the front a woman stopped us and said “customers only.” She said it loudly and from about 10 feet away. We had our backs to her, so she had to have seen our badges (speaker badges, no less!) earlier.

No sign or indication that this is an “exclusive invite” to offer a 15 cent incentive to people. And I understand that not everyone at a show is a prospect, too.

But, it might have been smarter of that employee to just let us have a bite to eat, rather than generate animosity toward her and her firm.

Add to that the fact that EVERYONE on the show floor, showing up for the food, was neither a customer nor a prospect, and you realize how silly her actions seemed to my friend and I.

How are you doing interacting with EVERYONE? Do you push some away, simply because you pre-judge them? I’m not talking about disqualifying bad prospects, that comes shortly after connecting. I am talking about welcoming interested potential fans and friends with open arms. It’s a consumer product for goodness sakes! Buyers are distributors AND end users (that would include Waldo and I), right?

Brinkmann was a bust from a public relations standpoint. I’m embarrassed that someone’s attempt to embarrass us had to be so public and loud.

Treat everyone well, you never know who might be writing for 2 million readers a month.

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