Capgras Syndrome and Suffering Sales Managers

Capgras Syndrome is a bizarre, but real condition where people act as if they are in a parallel universe and the people they know are “doubles” or “impostors.”

They might even believe that inanimate objects – chairs, desks, computers are replacements, exact duplicates, of their real property.

Whoa! How bizarre is that? It’s more common, I believe, in the sales population than anywhere.

I’ve known sales managers who exhibit Capgras Syndrome. They have great performers working for them. Then suddenly sales go slack and they wonder if the reps on their team are actually doubles, impostors, the evil twins of their productive people.

The office environment also doesn’t even feel the same when the air goes out of company sales.

So who are you today? Are you that consistent, steady selling performer or do you fluctuate wildly, leaving your manager wondering who showed up to work this morning?

A good daily work plan and managing your energy during that day are key to steady growth. Do this and you won’t freak out your sales manager into believing he’s suffering from any condition other than that of serious success.

Leave parallel universes to psychologists and sci-fi movies.

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