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My Wife’s Cooking…

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

(I wonder if it’s going to be one of those old jokes)

… is so bad, our veterinarian says our cat has only four lives left.

And you might find it hard to believe but our goldfish haven’t fared well either.

How many lives do you have left in your sales career?

Many reps bounce from job to job because good, even mediocre salespeople can always find work. Plus, they can certainly persuade a manager to hire them.

Longevity in a company, and an industry, and a territory will give you regular increases in income as your reputation, knowledge and experience pay off.

Don’t be so quick to jump ship when things get tough. Stay the course and your performance will improve as prospects and clients in your marketplace begin to feel comfortable with you and can count on you to be there for them.

If you’ve been somewhere more than 15 years, I congratulate you and invite you to come have dinner with us sometime.

I’ll cook.

New Year’s Best of…

Monday, January 8th, 2007

If you’re not signed up for the Sales Horror Story monthly ezine at, go get onboard.

The January issue lists the top five selling blunders of 2006 and the top five bizarre blog posts.

All ten filling the need of fantastic fodder for your sales meetings to kick off 2007.

So get to and give us your email address for some fun, funny and useful learning.

Making your Prospects Sick

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Worst, ABSOLUTELY the worst ad on television today is the Volkswagen commercial.

Two people are driving, chatting away, life is good.


Next scene is the two people standing outside a crushed car with caved in side.

They’re okay, but I (like every viewer I’ve questioned about this ad) am sick in the pit of my stomach at the collision.

First, why would you want prospects to physically feel ill when looking at your product?

Second, Volvo OWNS the safety brand in automobiles, not VW.

Somehow, Volkswagen executives have managed to create a disgusting experience in a commercial while competing with competitor’s creative moments like Chevys flying through the air and other enjoyable 30 or 60 second eye-bytes.

Your job is to make prospects feel good. You can do that by finding a way to get them to laugh as early in the conversation as possible (my #1 strategy, by the way). You can offer them something to eat, drink, a gift. Do anything to create an environment where people want to hang out with you, rather than wince and wonder how quickly this will be over.

Volkswagen, you blew it, badly. Some decision-maker somewhere had his or her creative brain collide with common sense. Welcome to the world of free exposure through your expensively manufactured sales horror story.

Sales Manager from Africa

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Hey Dan,
Hope you are doing great, thanks alot for the surport you have been giving me through your emails.This has made me improve alot in my sales and as I write this mail am now the asst. sales manager in an advertising company based in Nairobi-Kenya with offices in Uganda & Tanzania. All this credit goes to you and may God bless you.

Wishing you a very good Xmas and happy 2007 looking forwad to great thing next year.
Dishon Emali

It was a nice surprise to receive an email from so far away. And I can’t really take credit for Dishon’s success.

His success is simply because he applied the learning he acquired from my teaching. And he was taught by reading coaching tips, not by attending a class.

What will you apply that you learned recently?

Are there sales strategies you can put into play to bump your performance?

Pick one or two or three new things you’ll do differently and do them for the next two months. They’ll then become a permanent part of your toolbox.

And, thank you my friend from far away for thanking me. You’re better today because you had the wisdom to change in the first place.

Legacy Thoughts

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

As we begin the new year, let’s think briefly about endings.

The Tuesday Washington Post had two front page pictures which contrasted two leaders – Gerald Ford & Saddam Hussein.

What will you leave behind as you interact with prospects, colleagues, friends and family?

Will you build into others or be known as someone who is overly critical, who complains and tears down?

The concept of beginning with the end in mind is healthy thinking.

Is the new year a time to re-create your persona into a better you?

Decide today what legacy you will leave.

2007 – What is Different?

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

As we charge into the new year (not an endorsement for increased credit card debt), let’s stop and take the time to decide to be different.

What does that mean to you?

What will you do this year that you didn’t last year?

Is it more calls each week?

Is it better disqualifying of bad prospects?

Is different about better distinguishing yourself from competition with smart guerrilla marketing and creative personal PR efforts?

Sit down for an hour, no distractions, and figure out how 2007 can be your BEST YEAR, EVER.

Send me your list, I’ll post some ideas to help us draw off the collective brainpower of Sales Autopsy selling pros.

‘Sunshade’ Could Ease Global Warming

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

For those hot days at the ocean, a beach umbrella can help block the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation. Now an orbiting sunshade could do the same for the planet, in the event of a global warming emergency.

The sunshade, proposed by Roger Angel of the University of Arizona in a recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, would be made of trillions of transparent, platter-sized spacecraft flying together in an elliptical formation.

Like a light-blocking cirrus cloud, the flock of spacecraft would diffuse about two percent of the sun’s energy away from the Earth.

As 2007 looms, ask yourself this; “What am I doing to protect myself from all those things that prevented me from have a sunny and spectacular 2006?”

Did you work too hard on prospects that didn’t turn out to be legitimate buyers?

Get beat out by competitors that had cheaper or weaker products?

Are you just thinking that you could be getting to be a better salesperson, but not sure what to do to get there?


Talk to a sales coach, attend a seminar, ask someone for book or audio recommendations (my bias is that Sales Autopsy, the book, can help speed up your success – go to or for it).

Get into the light and out of the darkness. Stop hiding from your limitations, confront them and have a sunny and spectacular 2007.

And, Happy & Merry Everything!

Salesman donates million-mile car to museum

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) — As a traveling salesman, Peter Gilbert has put a few miles on his car — 1,001,385 miles, to be precise.

It took the Glendale man 17 years to cross the million-mile mark with his 1989 Saab 900 SPG. He recently donated the durable vehicle to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum after Saab verified the mileage.

Mr. Gilbert is the ideal sales hire – a “plodder” who keeps at his craft, regardless of the toughness of the economy, the weather or the distance to his nearest prospect.

Can you develop the work ethic to put a million miles of impact on your marketplace?

Just keep selling, just keep selling (to paraphrase a famous Disney fish).

Can you be consistent, over time? That’s the mark of a true sales pro.

Spectacular Holiday Gift

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

A common theme you will notice in my writing is gratitude.

A great example is “Poorly Paid Insects” where I note that the “annual value of insect services in the US is around US$57 billion.” Then ask you to think about and thank someone who can be categorized as “Who is helping in the background?”

Two years ago I was brought in to speak at the Ball State University Sales Symposium and developed a good friendship with Jim Micklos of Motivation Excellence (a BSU grad, former football star, and board member for this event which the sales school sponsors).

We’ve referred business back and forth and I got a MONSTER thank you package in the mail this week from Jim.

The Hammond Atlas of the World is a perfect gift from a company that handles sales motivation programs by sending reps all over the world for winning award contests. This coffee table book reinforces the Motivation Excellence brand and had to be ridiculously expensive. Over 400 blindingly beautiful maps and charts pepper the pages. My name is even engraved on the cover – in gold.
So three things to note;

1) Thank you to Jim for thanking me so dramatically and memorably,

2) Smart idea to find a gift that so perfectly matches what the giver stands for,

3) If you want speak with the best company I’ve ever encountered for increasing sales with world-class incentive programs, contact Jim Micklos at – 847-202-8400

How well and how smartly are you saying thank you to people feeding your family?

P.S. Jim’s company gets its revenue from your sales increases, not by asking for a ton of money up front! How much more invested could a partner be in your newly found success?

Celebrate: Kill a Camel!

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Workers at Turkish Airlines celebrated a job well done by sacrificing a camel at Istanbul airport and their boss has now been suspended.

Wow! Tradition collides with the present.

In our profession the vast amount of activity in which we engage can give us cause for relief, then joy when we finally land a sale.

So why not create a tradition, a ritual to commemorate each sale?

What can you do that’s special because you earned that sale and deserved the reward?

Create rituals in your selling life. They give you something to look forward to. In fact, if they’re attractive enough, the anticipation can actually drive you faster toward closing business.

Please share your ritual with us here at Sales Autopsy, so we can share your ideas with others.

And if you kill anything, you have to eat it, but you don’t have to share that with me.