Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Seeing this hit movie brought back a great old memory.

I’m at school in Chicago, packing 4 college friends in my car for 10 days of Spring Break. The two girls have loads of luggage for the drive to California. Rich & I each have one small suitcase. The final friend, Tad, shows up late to leave. All he has is a small woman’s makeup case.

Tad can’t fit his tiny pack of gear (or whatever it was) into the trunk. So it sits in his lap.

About an hour into the trip I hear “snap! snap!” and look around to see what this guy has brought to last him a week and a half on vacation.

All he has in this little case is a set of Narnia books.

Tad is wearing clogs, jeans and white shirt – and that’s going to last him 10 days!

I can give you the details of how that worked out another time, but since he had nothing to wear when washing his clothes, he didn’t wash ’em.

Tad was travelin’ light.

What kind of baggage, what kind of luggage do you drag around in your sales life?

Do you have “self-limiting beliefs” about your abilities and potential? Or can you, will you, leave them at home?

Do you have work practices that are wasteful and useless because they don’t make you money?

Great selling pros move quickly through their day and their territory, only pausing to rest when the trip is over.

Take it from Tad (still a fantastic friend, 30 years later), selling is easier than you think. It’s like riding in the back of a car, unencumbered by baggage. Just keep moving along the highway from one prospect to the next.

Travel light and travel fast. You might just find yourself affording more vacations as well.

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