Could you sell this product?

Sales call leads to kidney donation

Jamie Howard was selling door-to-door when he encountered Paul Sucher, a buyer out of bucks. The man who answered the door was awaiting a kidney transplant and had no money for one of Jamie’s vacuum cleaners. In the course of conversation, the sales rep realized they shared the same blood type, O-positive. The salesman’s response to this “chance” meeting is a bit unnerving, but reveals something special about our profession…

“I went outside, prayed about it, called my dad and my wife,” Howard remembers. “(Donation) was something I was called to do.”

Howard, who is also 35, passed the tests required for potential donors. The operation was done at the University of Colorado hospital in Denver, where Sucher had been on the transplant waiting list.

Two months later, Sucher says he feels so good it’s almost as if he never was ill: “It’s truly a miracle.”


What if there’s more to our time on this planet than pushing product?

What if there’s more to our relationships than buyer vs. seller?

What if there’s more to my idea that the Purpose of our Profession (Sales Autopsy, page 167) is to BE A BLESSING?

Do you have the guts to believe something, somebody, maybe even God, wants us to interact with those we contact – at a level beyond business?

Something unique happened to Jamie Howard & Paul Sucher. Was it a random act of kindness? Or orchestrated beyond our control?

Regardless of reality, what kind of conversations will you have with prospects tomorrow?

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