Cow, Tree, Branches, Your Brain

In April, a dead, decaying cow got caught on a tree branch at a dam near West Milford, W.Va., and remained there for “several weeks,” according to an Associated Press report, grossing out neighbors, while five government jurisdictions declined repeated requests to move it. It was outside West Milford city limits; the state Department of Natural Resources handles only wild animals; the state Environmental Protection people found no ecological danger; the state Agriculture Department called it a local issue; and a regional Water Board also declined. Finally, on May 13, workers from the state Division of Highways, along with local volunteer firefighters, removed it. [ABC News-AP, 5-15-06]

Within the tree branches of your brain are lots of excuses about sales performance.

Bad prospects, bad timing, bad product, bad economy, bad boss, bad sales training, bad ?

As you attempt your climb to the top and outperform reps with whom you compete, you’ll have to ignore all the bad, rotting branches and focus on the good.

Excuses debilitate you, so you’ll want to focus on everything good you can – this builds up the branches of your brain and nourishes healthy thinking.

Good prospects, good skills, good products and more.

Trim excuses from your life and water your performance with a positive outlook.

Like a healthy tree, you’ll grow in both skills and income.

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