Cowboy Up, Sales Rep!

The old cowboy and his son were sitting in front of the fire, smoking their pipes, just crossing and uncrossing their legs. After a long silence, the father said, “Son, step outside and see if it’s raining.” Without looking up, the son replied, “Aw shucks, Paw, why don’t we just call in the dog and see if he’s wet?”

Okay, every one of us has that little lazy streak that creeps up from time to time.

Can you pay attention to it enough to recognize what helps it happen? Perhaps you don’t have your day planned well in advance. Maybe you’re tired and that de-motivates you. Sometimes we can even hit a big sale and slow down to mentally and physically celebrate.

Any of these experiences can leave us lazy for a time.

Question for you is, are you good enough, tough enough, smart enough to keep pushing through and leave lazy behind.

Great sales pros pay very close attention to themselves and therefore improve bit by bit.

Don’t let lazy rain on your earnings. And don’t dog your performance, whether things are going well or to, uh, that other place.

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