Dealing with Wedding Stress

Real Grooms Tell All (#3 is a classic)

“I always had to remember that I had been planning the wedding since we got engaged, while she had been planning it since birth. When push comes to shove, let her know that you support her ideas, even if you really don’t care.”
— Preston, Dallas

“It’s important to involve each other’s families in the wedding preparation (notice I didn’t say wedding decisions). We enlisted the help of my wife’s parents with decorating the tent (her dad and mom are experts in that area). But we didn’t ask them to choose which decorations we would have.”
— Matthew, Pelham Manor

“I responded to the worst stress by playing Madden NFL against really easy teams.”
— Nikolas, Ann Arbor

How are you handling stress?

Are you taking time to be selfish, taking time for the things you want to do, things that build you up?

Every sales pro encounters stress, with a fair amount of frequency.

Forget the job, the prospects, the boss and go mentally and physically hide – on a regular basis.

Your ability to handle stress can keep you married to the best career on the planet.

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