Desert vs. Dessert

Remember way, way back in school when you got the spelling of these words mixed up?

Desert is meant to refer to those vast wastes of sand, where the dry air and heat can suck the life out of you. Sounds a lot like bad prospects, doesn’t it?

Dessert is the prize, the long-awaited happy ending to a meal. Reads a lot like commission time, doesn’t it?

Here’s a truth about selling: Every rep goes through the desert.

We all hit those times that try men’s souls (and women’s souls and both genders’ income statements).

Your ability to save for the future is key to surviving those long, dry spells in the desert (uh, oh is Dan going to talk about personal budgeting? Yes, but not right now).

So how well are you doing, mentally, physically and financially as you prepare for the desert? Do you have a cushion to rest upon when it gets dry and hot and very sunny?

The desert – you might have just gotten out. You could be headed toward it. Or you could, today, be right in the middle of it. Prepare.

You just don’t want to die there and become your competition’s dessert.

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