Do you Hate this Closing Trick…

as much as I do?

A clothing store has a sign in front. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE!

In small letters beneath is a note: “We reserve the right to stay in business if the sale is a success.” (thought I’d toss in a little joke)

Recognize the trick, though? Buy today, buy immediately! It’s the old “Impending Event Close.”

If you don’t buy right now, circumstances will change and you won’t be able to get the goodies.

Manipulative and deceptive.

Your prospects and customers know there is always going to be another sale. They don’t like being pressured to decide right now. And you are training them to either buy at a discount or to not believe you when you make a special offer.

Can you avoid this tactic? If you use it, your credibility is at risk.

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