Do you Sell Left or Right-handed?

We know that the left brain controls the logical/linear side of our thinking, and the right brain controls the creative/spontaneous side. When we’re selling by phone, which ear do we hold the phone to? Bonus question: which ear do we want our prospects to use?

Okay, there is no right answer here. I confess I’m just messing with your head.

But maybe there is a right answer. We know people buy emotionally and rationalize their decision with logic, so maybe talking into one ear or the other has some value, at the proper time.

But I wanted to pose this question in order to get you to think more about your activities in your sales life. Pay closer attention to what you do and don’t do; what works and what doesn’t. If nothing else read this question and at a sales meeting and see how it messes with your team’s head, like it did with yours.

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