Does Dell Deserve to Die?

GREAT STORY! A guy buys a computer from Dell and after 40+ tech calls to people he can’t understand, decides to take a legal approach…

Finally, Dori sued Dell in small-claims court in Bergen County — with a twist. In a ploy that impressed legal experts, he had the legal papers served to a Dell kiosk — a counter where blue-shirted Dell employees sell computers and HDTVs — in a Paramus mall, rather than to Dell corporate headquarters near Austin.

When nobody from Dell showed up in court, Dori won a $3,000 default judgment. Court authorities were empowered to seize merchandise or shutter the kiosk if the money was not paid.

What a brilliant strategy for getting the attention of Dell’s highest executives, a world full of delighted Dell haters and, perhaps more importantly, the press!

How creative can you get to gain the attention of your best prospects?

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done to inspire your market to sit up, take notice and see the value of your offering?

Later, we’ll cover some ideas that just might juice you up to do the same.

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