Dog Overboard (Selling Strategy)

Dog Overboard Found Four Months Later

An Australian couple’s dog fell overboard and was thought to have drowned. He was found four months later living on an island (which he reached after swimming five miles from the boat).

He survived by eating feral (wild) goats until someone came by and picked him up.

Are you looking for feral goats as you prospect during a tough economy?

It’s time for many sales pros to do what it takes to generate income, to feed their families. So while you’ve learned to do a great job of disqualifying poor prospects (see What Great Sales Pros do at, it might now be time to lower the bar a bit and look for goats to sell along with your sheep.

All that being said, my brother’s comment on the dog eating feral goat story was, “How can you sleep at night, knowing your dog has developed a taste for flesh?”

You’ll just have to learn to live with yourself, until things turn back around.

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Good Hunting!

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