Door to Door Salesman

A guy is working a neighborhood selling and he rings the bell of a beautiful suburban home.

The door opens, revealing a nine year old boy who is puffing on a long, black cigar.

The shocked rep tries to cover his amazement, asking, “Uh, good morning sonny. Is your mother home?”

The boy removes the cigar from his lips, flicks off some ashes and says, “What do YOU think?”

Great sales reps can be identified simply by their ability to ask outstanding questions.

Questions that make you look dumb or appear to be asked as part of a memorized script will only generate disdain for people in our profession.

How are you doing? Asking questions that dig deep into identifying prospect problems?

Or are you pleading for information with words that you’re embarrassed to offer?

Write down insightful inquiries to ask. Or better yet, talk to someone who is truly successful in the business and get this mentor to share his or her potent queries.

When you nail down some great questions, and you see how well they work, it’s then time to treat yourself to a fine cigar.

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