Well, Illinois manufactured it’s own 5.4 Richter quake this morning at 4:36am central time. They felt it in Chicago, St. Louis, MO; Louisville, KY; Des Moines, IA and Janesville, WI.

The New Madrid Seismic System Fault wasn’t dormant today.

Woke my wife up, but I’ve been in so many BIG ones, growing up in California, that I slept through it.

I recall one morning waking up to my bedroom window bending in and out!

Got out from beneath it quickly, in time to hear all our glassware and plates flying out of cupboards in the kitchen. So at least we got to buy new things.

Sales pros! What does it take to wake you up?

I’m shaking your brain right now to get into behaviors that make you money and to sleep through behaviors that distract you from doing so.

Shakin’ up and wakin’ up – life is short. Keep your focus on activities that make you cash.

If you don’t make any more money, it’s not New Madrid’s Fault.

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