Everyone Wants to Own…

Today I was looking at a Map of the World placemat I got for my kids. There are some interesting observations one can make beneath the spaghetti sauce…

Everybody wants to own something.

There’s an island west of Mexico that France owns.

The Caribbean islands are owned by the US, UK, France & the Netherlands.

The UK owns lots of islands north of Antarctica, and Norway owns one there, too.

Other islands scattered about the planet are owned by India, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Japan and more. There are even rumors that some islands belong to people who were living there in the first place.

When do we have enough? When do we have too much?

I just had a buddy I play basketball with come to me with a problem. He’s having some financial trouble related to his job, his car, his house (3 months behind in rent) and worse, feeding his family.

I asked the other hoops guys who show up to run at 4:45am three days a week for help. We now have $325 in gift cards for a food store in the area.

How are you doing? Do you have enough? Too much?

Find a way to identify someone close to you that needs some of your “too much.” Give them encouragement, a boost – perhaps financially.

You’ll find out a new, an additional definition of wealth – building into others outside your work world.

Do this and you keep the under-resourced from being as isolated as islands on a map.

Let me know what you do and how it feels. Your stories, like mine could inspire others.

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