Fantasy about your skills?

News of the Weird ( reported in 1996 on the eccentric, but legitimate contracts sold by British insurance executive Simon Burgess, e.g., the policy that would pay the then-equivalent of about $160,000 in the event the insured were abducted by an alien, with double indemnity if the insured were also impregnated (and since alien powers are unknown, male pregnancy was covered, as well).

In June 2006, three sisters in Scotland revealed that they are renewing their 6-year-old policy from Burgess that would pay them the equivalent of about $1.84 million in the event any of them gives birth to Jesus Christ (should he return), to cover the cost of raising him. [BBC News, 6-22-06]

Okay, sales earthlings of our planet, are you fantasizing about your selling skills?

Or, will you make a real life appraisal of who you are and go get help?

If you want an out of this world sales performance, you’ll have to find a mentor, buy training or work harder, but leave fantasies for light reading away from your sales life.

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