Fantasy Politics & Selling Reality…

Through, people can use play money to buy or sell shares of a candidate based on the player’s expectation of the politician’s success at the polls. has amassed about 1,000 registered users from 50 states and 24 countries. It had captured 150,000 page views through Sept. 28 (2006).

I’d previously offered some blog thoughts about a fantasy fishing league:

Wow, it’s not enough that our imaginations can run wild with video games and movies that are more special effects than living people, plants and animals?

Let’s re-visit a theme: How do you spend, invest, waste your spare time?

Are you reading and listening to content that can improve performance in the selling battlefield? Or are your brains dribbling out of your head in front of a TV every night while you lie to yourself (and others?) about your need to relax and de-tox from a tough day?

Don’t get me wrong, we need to escape, it’s just that you need to gain consensus from you, your brain and your bank account about discretionary expenditure of your time. Here’s a hint – if you’re not improving weekly, your tough days are all related to that lack of improvement.

I vote for improvement, knowledge and the joy of closing more clients.

What will you vote for?

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