Fate, Karma, your Future…?

Least Competent Criminals (from News of the Weird)

Failed to Master the Art of the Getaway: (1) Robert Hickey Jr., running from a Hamilton County (Tenn.) sheriff’s deputy in October, dashed into nearby woods, fell into a well and had to be rescued. [Chattanoogan, 10-30-07] (2) Rudy Aguas, 25, running from a Reno, Nev., police officer in November after a failed carjacking, ducked into a building but got stuck in a freshly poured concrete floor. [KOVR-TV (Sacramento), 11-23-07] (3) A suspect in car break-ins, running from Miccosukee Indian Reservation police near Miami in November, dove into a retention pond but apparently failed to notice a “Live Alligator” sign, and was killed by “Poncho,” a gator well-known to locals. [WPLG-TV (Miami), 11-13-07]

Can you escape your fate?

Do you control your future, or does it just happen to you?

The three jokers above seemed destined to be caught for their crimes.

Do we, as salespeople, have to suffer fortunes that are too similar to our pasts? Do we continue, for some, that downhill plunge into mediocrity?
Or can we evade average and improve ourselves in 2008?

Do this, right now, while you’re focused on your future;

1) Find a mentor to accelerate the learning curve to success (list 3 right now and contact them to ask for their guidance),

2) Stop chasing poor prospects, this is our #1 failing in sales. So define the perfect prospect and only attend to that target,

3) Pick out, read and apply the learning from a great book. Now you know I’m biased, believing that Sales Autopsy (a #1 business best-seller the third week it hit the shelves) is a smart choice. And as you read it, you’ll realize that it simply focuses on a few places in the sales process where you can most easily and fruitfully improve.


See, you don’t need a system the length of a freight train to sell well.

You just need to fix a few spots where you’re weak, and see how strong your performance can grow.

Do these three things to start your day and you’re off to a GREAT ’08!

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