Fire Ants and Firing at Trouble

Lorenzo Martin, 34, was charged with domestic violence in September, accused of holding his estranged wife’s leg in a bed of fire ants, resulting in more than 100 bites (Cottonwood, Ala.). [Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Ga.)-AP, 9-5-06]

One thing you can say about evil, it tends toward dramatic fits of creativity.

People go into conflict when they don’t get their way. In a world where selfishness reigns, it’s tough to sell intelligently unless you put the other person’s needs ahead of your need to close.

And this is where trouble arises. You won’t always get your way anyway. So your ability to handle conflict is a measure of your mental health. How do you react to things gone wrong?

Do you lash out, perhaps not at the prospect, but at co-workers or worse, family, when you get home?

Do you relax and move on?

You can be immune from the trouble, from the sting of a thousand biting prospects, if you just learn to take your lesson and move on.

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