Fishin’ & not Selling

Not only has professional fishing grown so spectacularly that last year’s leading money winner earned $547,000, but popular “fantasy fishing” leagues, resembling fantasy baseball and football, employ elaborate statistical breakdowns of fishing tournaments to help players pick winners, according to a July Wall Street Journal report. “Average weight per fish (caught) over careers,” “margin of victory (in pounds),” and other data points are plotted by players, along with weather reports, depth and temperature of tournament lakes, and intangibles such as “home-lake curse.” The organization FLW Outdoors estimates 40,000 fantasy players, many of whom have never actually fished. [Wall Street Journal, 7-20-06]

In 2005, it was estimated that the U.S. lost over one billion dollars in productivity playing fantasy sports.

But, fantasy fishing? That’s just takes the fishcake.

Great sales pros are disturbed by activities which distract them from making money during selling time. “Selling time” refers to those hours when you have access to prospects and current clients.

So, what waste can you eliminate from your day, in order to to optimize earnings?

You might just discover your fantasy about selling successfully is not just a game you play on paper or in your head.

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