Forgetting the Tooth Fairy

Abbie, one of the twins, finally lost her first tooth. At bedtime she was so excited to know that her head rested atop an income source. That tooth fairy was going to lay some money on her, come morning. Now anyone who’s been a parent knows that there are some things you just can’t get training for. For example, no parenting book I’ve ever read covers handling the tooth fairy.So Wendy and I go to bed and, being spectacular parents (the kind you’d see in a zoo for parents or the ones aliens would select as samples) we forget about Abbie’s tooth.

And are awakened by a crying kid. “The tooth fairy forgot me.”

We’re horrified and I mumble something about the 2006 census revealing an influx of six-year olds who are losing their teeth in the spring. “Honey, we’re positive the tooth fairy will be here tonight.”

Later that day we bump into Laurie, a friend with kids the same age. We confess that we’re such horrible parents, and if they now landed in our backyard, aliens would probably ignore us.

Laurie says, “I got you beat. When Chase, our son, lost his first tooth, we forgot to put money under the pillow. He came into our room bawling and I told him to go to the bathroom and clean up while I checked myself. As he sniffled his way in to wash up, I dove into my purse – and could only find a twenty dollar bill. Oh well, it went right under his pillow. Chase was deliriously happy. But all the parents at school now hate my guts.”

What or who have you forgotten in your sales life?

Is it a former mentor or manager who gave you a start in the business?

Is it the simple act of showing gratitude to clients who feed your family or support staff who keep you effective?

Remember today who you’ve forgotten and show them how much you appreciate them.

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