Fouling the Competition…

I played basketball in college and one night we were competing with a team which had a very dirty player. This guy would run down the floor, glance to see if the officials were looking his way, and if he could, elbow one of my teammates in the face.

So in the first half, when that opponent went in for a layup, our center just flattened the guy. The whistle blew, and as that dirty player lay dazed on the floor, our big man leaned over and said, “I have four more fouls… and they’re all for you.”

Sales pro, how strongly do you feel about defeating the competition? Perhaps you’re friendly face-to-face. But are you determined to take their money, before they get yours?

I’ve found that great, truly great athletes hate losing MORE than they enjoy winning. Do you have similar feelings when you go head to head with a competitor?

So what gets you going? Is it something inside? Do you draw off internal reserves to attack and fight your marketplace? Or do you need to see, externally, others successfully feeding their families off your commissions?

What will it take before you increase your activities and your skill acquisition to hit world class selling status? See every pro knows he or she can improve, even when they’re great at what they do.

So whether you’re already motivated inside or are pushed by an external event, like losing a nice-sized sale to someone else, you want to get going and foul the competition. The question is how hard will you hit ’em? You’d better be good, because they won’t stay down for long.

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