Free Education!

Yale University to post courses on Web for free:

Course work and videos are available, pretty cool. We can go two directions with this thought – 1) quick moment on sales reps’ education, or 2) a briefer moment on educating prospects. Lets focus on up and coming customer conversations.

When I speak at national sales conferences, I’m often told that a company’s initial purpose in interacting with potential clients is to educate them.

This is tragic thinking, sales buddies.

Do you think prospects aren’t educating themselves by researching online or ordering literature from you (after which they hide behind voicemail forever – or longer)?

Your job is not to educate, but to motivate others.

Sales managers, write this down, copy and paste it, tattoo it on your reps’ foreheads.

Your job is not to educate, but to motivate others.

Motivate them to buy, to set another appointment, to say no. Just motivate them to do something that advances or eliminates the sale.

You can take that thinking to the bank. See you there?

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