Grave Success & Burying the Competition…

Lee Myung-bak was elected president of South Korea in December, with experts in “poonsgoo” (similar to the Chinese feng shui) attributing the victory in part to the favorable location of his ancestors’ graves, which is an important predictor of good fortune. Candidates not so lucky spent part of the campaign moving their ancestors’ remains to better sites. Former president Kim Dae-jung is said to have learned the hard way, losing an earlier election with poor burial location, then winning after moving some dead relatives around, according to a November Reuters dispatch. [Reuters, 11-14-07]

Wow, what would you do to win a sale?

Light a candle? Sacrifice a chicken? Relocate dead relatives’ graves?

Whatever happened to simple prayers like, “God, please – I need this client. I’ll do anything…”

How much outside control catapults or crashes your career?

If you depend on spiritual entities aiding and abetting your success, you might spend more time sharpening knives and shovels than your skills.

Leave your dreams and fantasies on the altar. Put more leg power and tongue power into your day. That’s how you bury the competition.

Your ancestors will be proud.

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